Album Disquera Año  
Instant Party Brunswick

The Who Sings My Generation MCA 1965  
Ready Steady Who EP Reaction



A Quick One (Happy Jack) MCA 1966  
The Who Sell Out MCA 1967  
Magic Bus MCA 1968 Arreglo
Furious Prelude Castle Music Ltd. 1968 Misc
Direct Hits Classic Records 1968 Arreglo
Tommy, Pt. 1  

Tommy MCA 1969  
The Who/The Strawberry Alarm Clock Decca 1969 Arreglo
Live in Amsterdam Castle Music Ltd. 1969 Misc
Backtrack, Vol. 4 Track Record 1970 Arreglo
Backtrack, Vol. 14 Track Record 1970 Arreglo
Backtrack, Vol. 3 Track Record 1970 Arreglo
Backtrack, Vol. 5 Track Record

Live at Leeds MCA 1970  
Greatest Rock Sensation Karussell 1970 Arreglo
Backtrack, Vol. 9 Track Records 1970 Arreglo
Backtrack, Vol. 8 Track Records 1970 Arreglo
Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy MCA International 1971 Arreglo
Golden Double Album Polydor 1971 Arreglo
Who’s Next MCA Masterdisc / MCA

Who Did It (Withdrawn) Track Record 1971 Arreglo
Tommy, Pt. 2 Track Record 1972 Arreglo
Collector’s Item Wholiday

Quadrophenia MCA 1973  
Perfect Collection Polydor 1973 Arreglo
Tales from the Who Trademark Of Official Quality 1974 Misc
A Quick One (Happy Jack)/The Who Sell Out MCA 1974 Arreglo
Who’s Next/Odds & Sods MCA 1974 Arreglo
Magic Bus/My Generation MCA 1974 Arreglo
Odds & Sods MCA

The Who by Numbers MCA 1975  
Best of 1964-1974 Polydor 1975 Arreglo
The Story of the Who   1976 Arreglo
Who Are You MCA

Musical Biography with Alison Steele DWJ Associates 1978 Arreglo
The Kids Are Alright Sanctuary



The Kids Are Alright Polydor 1979  
Quadrophenia [Music from the Soundtrack of The Who Film] Polydor 1979  
The Best of the Who Polydor 197? Arreglo
The Who Pop Giants, Vol. 3 Brunswick 197? Arreglo
Pop Heroes Polydor 197? Arreglo
The Exciting Who Universal Distribution 197? Arreglo
Who Are You/Live at Leeds MCA 1980 Arreglo
Filling in the Spaces Warner Bros.

Face Dances MCA 1981  
Filling in the Gaps Warner Bros. 1981 Arreglo
Who’s Next/Who by Numbers Polydor 1982 Arreglo
Tommy [Video] Columbia 1982 Video
Phases Polydor 1982 Arreglo
Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy/Who by Numbers MCA

It’s Hard MCA 1982  
Hooligans MCA 1982 Arreglo
Who’s Greatest Hits MCA 1983 Arreglo
Rarities, Vol. 2: 1970-1973 Polydor 1983 Arreglo
Who Rocks America CBS/Fox 1983 Video
Rarities, Vol. 1: 1966-1968 Polydor 1983 Arreglo
Dance to Keep from Crying Marquee

Who’s Last MCA 1984  
The Who   1985 Arreglo
Who’s Missing MCA International 1985 Arreglo
Two’s Missing MCA 1987 Arreglo
Who’s Better, Who’s Best MCA 1988 Arreglo
This Is My Generation AVI (REISSUES) 1988 Sencillo
Tommy Live   1989 Misc
American Tour 1973 The Swingin’ Pig 1989 Misc
Join Together EMI Music Distribution

Live: Featuring Rock Opera Tommy Sony Music Distribution 1990 Video
Who Collection   1991 Arreglo
Talkin’ ‘Bout Their Generation Baktabak 1993 Misc
Thirty Years of Maximum R&B MCA 1994 Arreglo
Thirty Years of Maximum R&B Live [Video/DVD] MCA 1994 Video
Who’s Tommy: The Amazing Journey Walt Disney Video 1994 Video
Rarities 1966-1972, Vols. 1-2 Polydor 1994 Arreglo
Quadrophenia Demos Black Dog Records 1994 Misc
My Generation: The Very Best of the Who MCA 1996 Arreglo
Live at the Isle of Wight Festival 1970 Lilith 1996 Arreglo
Live at the Isle of Wight Festival 1970 [DVD] Image Entertainment 1998 Video
Music Must Change Norria 1998 Misc
Who’s Zoo Two! Tendolar 1998 Misc
Woodstock Killing Floor 1998 Misc
Closer to Queen Mary Killing Floor 1998 Misc
20th Century Masters – The Millennium Collection: The Best of The Who MCA 1999 Arreglo
The Vegas Job: Reunion Concert Live in Vegas Passport Audio 1999 Video
The BBC Sessions Geffen / MCA 2000 Arreglo
Who’s Next [DVD] Image Entertainment 2000 Video
Listening to You: Live at the Isle of Wight Festival 1970 [DVD] Warner Music Entertainment / WEA 2000 Video
Who’s Next [Video] Rhino 2000 Video
The Blues to the Bush 2000 Arreglo
Live at the Royal Albert Hall [Video/DVD] Image Entertainment 2001 Video
Quadrophenia [DVD] Rhino 2001 Video
High Numbered: More BBC and TV Sessions,1965-1970 Brunswick 2001 Arreglo
Maximum Who: The Unauthorized Biography of the Who USD 2002 Misc
The Ultimate Collection Universal Distribution 2002 Arreglo
Live: Tinley Park, Illinois, August 24, 2002 Hi-Spot 2002 Arreglo
The Singles Polydor 2003 Arreglo
Live at the Royal Albert Hall Steamhammer 2003 Arreglo
Then and Now: 1964-2004 Geffen 2004 Arreglo
Put Downs and Send-Ups Tour Acadia 2004 Misc
First Singles Box Universal International 2004 Arreglo
The Early Collection: Magic Bus/Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy/Who’s Missing Griffin 2004 Arreglo
Live in Boston [DVD] Rhino / WSM 2004 Video
Early Years [DVD/Bootleg] Bootleg 2004 Video
Tommy and Quadrophenia: Live [DVD] Rhino/Warner Bros. 2005 Video
High Numbers Live: 1964 Yellow Dog Records 2005 Misc
Tangled Up in Who [DVD] Hiwatt 2005 Video
The Moon Years [DVD] Classic Rock Legends Ltd. 2006 Video
Live from Toronto Immortal 2006 Arreglo
Quadrophenia Live [DVD] Rhino 2006 Video
The Who: Wire & Glass – Six Songs from a Mini-Opera Universal International 2006 Sencillo
In Their Own Words Classic Rock Legends Ltd. 2006 Video
Music Box Biographical Collection Music Video Box

Endless Wire Universal Republic 2006  
20th Anniversary Reunion Concert Passport Audio 2006 Video
Die Keith Moon Ära   2006 Video
I’m a Boy Universal Distribution 2006 Arreglo
Special Box Set Universal Distribution 2006 Arreglo
Live from Toronto [DVD] Immortal 2006 Video
Purple Hearts and Power Chords: The Who on Film 1965-1969 [DVD] Hiwatt 2006 Video
I’m a Boy/Exciting Disc Union 2007 Arreglo
Videobiography Classic Rock Legends Ltd. 2007 Arreglo
Paper Sleeve Box Disk Union 2007 Arreglo
Audiobiography Regeneration 2007 Arreglo
The Up Close & Personal Hurricane Records 2007 Video
View from a Backstage Pass 2007 Arreglo
Amazing Journey: The Story of the Who [DVD] Universal Distribution 2007 Video
Amazing Journey: The Story of the Who   2008 Arreglo
The Who & Friends Time/Life Music 2008 Video
Live at Glastonbury 2007   2008 Video
In Houston – Live Intergroove / Mc 2008 Video
My Generation [Japan Box Set] Universal Japan 2008 Arreglo
Retrospectives Classic Rock Direct / Inside Sets 2008 Video
At Kilburn 1977 BMG/Image / Sony Music 2008 Arreglo
At Kilburn 1977 [DVD] Image Entertainment 2008 Video
Who Are You/The Kids Are Alright Polydor / Universal 2009 Arreglo
Greatest Hits [Geffen] Geffen 2009 Arreglo
Maximum R&B Live Geffen 2009 Video
Greatest Hits & More Polydor 2010 Arreglo
Greatest Hits Live [Geffen] Geffen 2010 Arreglo
Live Generations USA 1982: Live in San Diego, California [Video] Intergroove 2010 Video
Icon 2 Geffen 2011 Arreglo
Icon Geffen 2011 Arreglo
The Quadrophenia Demos, Vol. 1 Universal 2011 Sencillo
Quadrophenia Demos, Vol. 2 Universal Music 2012 Arreglo
Pinball Wizards: The Collection Spectrum Music 2012 Arreglo
My Generation [Universal] UMC (Universal Catalogue) 2012 Arreglo
Music in Review Anvil Media 2012 Video
Live at Budokan Universal Japan 2012 Arreglo
Live at Hull 1970 Geffen 2012 Arreglo
The Studio Albums Universal 2012 Arreglo
The Opus Collection Starbucks 2012 Arreglo
The Lowdown Sexy Intellectual 2013 Misc
Maximum R&B PHM 2013 Arreglo
Sensation: The Story of Tommy [Documentary] Eagle Vision 2014 Video
Live: Detroit, Michigan August 23, 2002 All the Music / Hi-Spot 2014 Arreglo
Live: Las Vegas, Nevada September 14, 2002 All the Music 2014 Arreglo
Live: Columbus OH 8/28/02 Hi-Spot 2014 Arreglo
Live: Mansfield, Massachusetts September 27, 2002 All the Music / Hi-Spot 2014 Arreglo
Live: Camden NJ 7/27/02 All the Music 2014 Arreglo
Live: Holmdel, New Jersey August 30, 2002 All the Music / Hi-Spot 2014 Arreglo
Live: St Paul MN 9/24/02 Hi-Spot 2014 Arreglo
Live: Denver CO 9/19/02 Hi-Spot 2014 Arreglo
Live: Noblesville IN 8/25/02 EP / JBL / 2014 Arreglo
Live: Los Angeles CA 9/17/02 All the Music 2014 Arreglo
Live: New York, New York August 3, 2002 All the Music / Hi-Spot 2014 Arreglo
Live: Irvine CA 9/15/02 EP / JBL / 2014 Arreglo
Live: New York NY 8/4/02 All the Music 2014 Arreglo
Live: Hershey PA 7/29/02 Hi-Spot 2014 Arreglo
Live: Mountain View, CA July 3, 2002 All the Music 2014 Arreglo
Live: Detroit MI 8/23/01 All the Music 2014 Arreglo
Live: Wantaugh, New York: August 31, 2002 All the Music / EP / JBL / 2014 Arreglo
Live: Dallas TX 9/21/02 All the Music 2014 Arreglo
Live: Toronto, Ontario September 28, 2002 All the Music 2014 Arreglo
Live: Chicago, Illinois September 23, 2002 All the Music / Hi-Spot

Quadrophenia: Live in London Universal 2014  
Quadrophenia: Live in London Universal 2014 Video
My Generation [Bootleg]     Misc
The Who Story Komet   Video
Live Greatest Hits Geffen   Arreglo
Are You Kidding [DVD] Silvertone Records   Video
Substitute: Live 2004     Video
Can’t Explain Abstract Sounds   Video
Tommy: Live at the Opera House, Amsterdam, September 29, 1969     Misc
DVD Collector’s Box Chrome Dreams / Music Video Distribution   Arreglo
Live in Texas 1975/Live at the Isle of Wight Festival 1970/Classic Albums: Who’s Next Eagle Vision   Arreglo
Endless Fire Access All Areas   Video
Quadrophenia: Live & More     Video
Fallout Shelter Trademark Of Official Quality   Misc
Tea & Theatre Island/Def Jam / Universal   Sencillo
From the Bush to the Valley Silver & Gold / United States of Distribution   Video
The Collectors’ Who Next Tendolar   Misc
Gigantes del Pop, Vol. 2     Arreglo
Who’s Missing/Two’s Missing Universal Music   Arreglo
Instant Party 1 Hiwatt   Misc
Live in Texas 1975 Eagle Vision   Video
Instant Party 2 Hiwatt   Misc
Maximum BBC [Bootleg]   Misc
It’s Not Enough Island/Def Jam / Universal   Sencillo
Picture Disc Interview Phantom Import Distribution   Misc
Join Together Geffen   Sencillo
See Me, Feel Me Special Custom   Sencillo
Les No. 1 UNIVERSAL   Arreglo
Tangled Up in Who Hiwatt/Cool Engine   Arreglo
Live and Alive IMPH   Video
Tell Tales: Interview Tell Tale Records   Misc
Live at Charlton 1974 Midas Touch   Misc
The Who, the Mods, and the Quadrophenia Collection Sexy Intellectual   Video
Live at the Fillmore East, 4/5/68 [Bootleg]   Misc
Tommy Demos [Bootleg]   Misc
Live at the Isle of Wight/Who’s Next     Arreglo
Under Review, 1964-1968: An Independent Critical Analysis Chrome Dreams   Video
Anyway Anyhow Anywhere Archive Media   Video
Who’s Zoo [Bootleg]   Misc